Hello, I'm Howard, I am an Independent Pest Control Operator. I have been in the Pest Management Industry for over twenty years and I do all of my own work, that means that I want to give you the best, most personalized service I possibly can because your satisfaction is very important to me. My rates are competitive and I'll always give you more than you expected.

Our Services

   At Hill Country  Pest Solutions  I strive to give you the best possible service that you would expect from a local provider. 

 I service  both Residential and Commercial properties and have programs available for all your specific needs whether they require a Monthly, Bi-Monthly or One Time service.  

1. My Bi-Monthly Service  is primarily designed for residential customers who are interested in maintaining the value and comfort level of their home on a continuous basis. This service comes with a Guarantee, that if you have an ongoing occurrence of any of the pests for which the home was treated during the previous service, I will happily do a return service at no additional cost to you.

 2. Likewise, My Monthly Service  primarily designed for our commercial type business also comes with the same Guarantee  as My Bi-Monthly service. Many commercial properties require services more often than residential because of several factors, the size of the property, less treatable area  than what you may often find around a residence, (i.e. shrubs, landscaping, more concrete...), and the need to protect the contents of the property from the invasion of unwanted pests that would impact the consumer, general public,  or the working conditions of those under the business's employ.

3. Maybe you haven't had any previous Pest Related issues around your home but have noticed a POP-up, of some type of pest related issue. Or possibly your budget is a little tight but you would like to have someone come out and address your home with a good professional treatment to help manage the problem at hand. In this case, I offer a  OneTime Service  that is both comprehensive and target specific. 


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